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What is the best blog-aggregator site you ever used?

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What is the best blog-aggregator site you ever used?

I like & want to put it as the best one.

It create a platform to import rss feeds of my blogs, discuss, share, like the topics and many more.

Let me know your favorite one.

initiated May 25, 2013 in Connecting with Fans by melissa katz (150 points)   1 1 1

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Dear, the is no longer has been shut down. I'll suggest Alltop..I think it is the Best.
response added Jul 30, 2013 by Justin Junior (140 points)  
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Technorati was a very good one!!!
response added Aug 17, 2013 by Radha Krishna Spiritual Portal (140 points)  
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response added Dec 3, 2013 by adam allan (150 points)  

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