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Floor64's Step2 is a community brainstorming platform for asking about, suggesting, creating, and building models for success, with help from the Insight Community. It's not just about the "business" model, but the overall "success" model. How do you create that connection with the marketplace? How do you offer something worth buying? Step2 is here to help.

If you're trying to figure out how to succeed, provide some details and ask for some insight. If you've got ideas, jump into the existing discussions. Let's all team up to help turn the Step 2 in every plan into something more than just question marks.

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Is there an exhaustive list of types of business models for digital content producers?

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If there isn't a huge list of business models published somewhere, how about posting one here?
initiated Apr 28, 2011 in Business Models by Michael Ho (2,370 points)   10 14 27
edited May 2, 2011 by Michael Ho

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there's as many business models as there are businesses. from a music angle (but can apply to other content): Might be easier to look at your band as being within an 'ecosystem' of things that impact them, and things they can influence to get what they want. Try figure 9 & 10 (p.151-2) and maybe also table 27 (p.234) in this: if you're solely interested in digital music production try page 160, although that section is getting dated. The system doesn't change, just the variables in it. Thinking this way helps to put new technologies and businesses into context. Hope this helps (?).
response added Oct 17, 2011 by melodyvonrock (180 points)   1 1 2

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