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Feedback on a simple idea.

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Recently launched a It's a pretty simple idea, a twitter image search.

I quite like images and got bored of having to siphon through inane tweets. I looked at what was already out there, and there wasn't a decent service that displayed images in a nice digestible fashion. So I decided to create my own one.

Boring story out the way, the goal is to launch the in a few weeks but before I do I wanted to try and get some feedback from people in the business. 

No half measures and so on.

Any way any feedback, suggestions or criticisms more than welcome.

Here are some pretty relevant searches:

You will probably notice that the results are pretty event specific.

initiated Jun 9, 2012 in Startups by Freddie Wynne (220 points)   1 1 3

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A few quick things:

  1. I don't get the name? Is it supposed to be a past tense of "think it"? Not that you have to have a name that means something, but if you were trying to get across a meaning, maybe it could be more clear. Maybe get
  2. Is there a particular purpose for this search engine? Your examples of "event specific" -- so are you going to try to focus on big events? If so, maybe you should have "recommended events" for similar event keywords. E3 --> other game conferences, comicon, etc.
  3. The relevance of the search results doesn't seem particularly accurate -- it looks like the results are based on associated text. So the E3 example shows some pictures of people's meals -- which aren't related to E3, except for the fact that "e3" appears in some part of the associated tweet (like a tweet user's name).
  4. I could see this helping to build a Tweet image version of Pinterest... so maybe focus less on the search engine aspect, and more on grouping pictures by topics/users instead of keywords?
  5. The search results are returned impressively fast. That's good.
  6. Maybe there should be a way to share some of the results, and further improve the results by letting users highlight which pictures are the best (or worst or irrelevant). This might go along the lines of creating a Pinterest wannabe....
response added Jun 20, 2012 by Michael Ho (2,370 points)   10 14 27

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