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Countering the copyright industry's propaganda

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I have been working on a short piece on piracy. It's going to be distributed on public trackers together with other content...... I'm interested in finding effective ways to undo some of the damage the industry's propaganda has done to society. 

Wondering if I can get some feedback, My writing is not great:

(visual novels are a type of Japanese adventure game. fuwanovel is just a site im in the process of launching). 


If you can make any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated~

btw, I relinquish everything I write to the public domain. no rights reserved plz.


initiated Jun 25, 2012 in General Feedback by Aaeru (140 points)   1 1 2

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Good work, good idea - but I have some feedback:

I am not sure I got the message of your work.  Are you trying to defend piracy, attack copyright or counter the industry's propaganda?  You seem to touch on all of them while concluding neither.  Perhaps a tighter and simpler message would be more effective?

In terms of visual style, I must admit that I am not a fan of visual novels.  I found yours a little difficult to follow.   Fewer fonts and more blank space between paragraphs would certainly help.

Hope this helps a little.
response added Jul 2, 2012 by Adam Fajner (350 points)   1 1 3
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response added Nov 2, 2014 by Curtis Neeley (270 points)  
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Hmm, I'm with Adam here. I think you either need to bring it down to a more focussed message or, alternatively, expand on what you have but break it down into a chapter-like structure.

Personally I think it's worth emphasising the world income gap a bit more. A tune may only cost $0.99 on i-tunes but that's still a day's wage in many parts of the globe.
response added Jul 5, 2012 by drew stephenson (3,370 points)   3 10 22

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